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Veterinary Oncology Consultants

Our mission is to assist other veterinarians in providing the highest possible quality of life for pets with cancer

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Here you will find all of our resources and information for veterinarians.

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Here you may find answers to some of your initial concerns about your pet's health.


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About Us

We are board-certified veterinary oncologists, providing remote consultations to veterinarians located anywhere (eg. Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE etc), by phone, or email, when they are caring for a pet with cancer. Our consultations include information on the biology and behaviour of the particular type of cancer, as well as recommendations for the diagnostic and therapeutic approach. When needed, we can also provide veterinarians with educational materials to give to pet owner.

Oncology Consultants

We provide consultations to veterinarians caring for animals of any species (dogs, cats, horses, sheep, rabbits, cattle etc), with any type of cancer. We will review case information in depth and provide a complete written report with recommendations and responses to specific questions.

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